LED Vanity Mirror 18"x30" Bathroom Lighted Mirror With Dimmer & Defogger

Illuminated Silver Backed Mirror + Built In Defogger + Touch Sensor On/Off Built In Dimmer + Backed By LIFETIME Warranty & 120 Day No Hassle Return Policy

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Provides aesthetic styling that blends function with sophistication. You can hang the LIGHTED MIRROR vertically or horizontally to match your vanity architecture. The unique box-in-frame LED lighting is a bathroom conversation piece, yet provides the task-specific illumination you need for hygiene and dress.

With its defogging mechanism, the Icon LED mirror gives you all the functionality you need for your bathroom, plus its uncluttered structural design gives you an understated focal point for your bathroom.

Appealing Proportion and Trim Style

  • The frameless LED bathroom mirror has a pure, straightforward look, contemporary and clean.
  • All-glass, rectangular lighted mirror gives you a portrait or landscape motif for your bathroom decor.
  • The compact dimensions of the LED mirror make it an ideal, subtle accent for double or dual vanities.
  • The wall-mounted rectangle mirror gives your bathroom a fluid, streamlined form.

Eco-Friendly, Innovative LED Illumination

  • The Icon lighted vanity wall mirror provides illumination with LED strips in a box-in-frame pattern embedded inside the mirror frame behind the glass.
  • Illumination from the LED mirror is eco-friendly, with less energy and longer-lasting use than traditional lighting.
  • Task lighting from the Icon bathroom mirror is crisp without giving off distracting glare.
  • LED Light Color is 6000k Daylight, and Produces 2320 Lumens

The Defogger -- What Every Mirror Should Do

  • A safe, innovative DEFOGGER pad behind the Icon bathroom mirror keeps it free of condensation.
  • The Icon bathroom mirror doesn't have to be wiped off, so you don't leave behind any streaks or swirls.
  • The Icon bathroom mirror with defogger also means your hygiene and dress will be impeccable.

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