LED Bathroom Mirror 20 Inch X 31 Inch | "GlasHaus" Lighted Vanity Mirror w Glass Frame & Shelf | Dimmer | Wall Mount

Illuminated Glass Framed Mirror + Touch Sensor On/Off + Backed By LIFETIME Warranty & 120 Day No Hassle Return Policy

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The Glashaus: Classic. Minimal. Modern. Functional.

Nowhere else on planet Earth will you find mirrors like those at Bear on a Unicycle, and the Glashaus is a prime example. A striking and precisely measured frame crafted by the world’s best glass makers envelops our premiere silver-backed mirror, giving this piece depth and three dimensional class.

The entire surface is outlined by our state of the art LED lighting system, providing optimal visibility with both horizontal and vertical panels of light for multi-directional clarity. This ensures clean, white, even lighting perfect for makeup application, facial shaving, and other personal needs.

The frame itself acts like a shelving unit, with your imagination being the only limit to how you accessorize it. Perfect for those individuals who demand only one of a kind items from the very best manufacturers. The Glashaus is for anyone wishing to show off a sense of pure confidence through a display which acts as a display unto itself a trophy case of high end collectibles, with the most impressive prize being you.

This goes hand in hand with everything that we at do Bear on a Unicycle: take pride in making products that let you take pride in you.