LED 27" Round Bathroom Mirror Lighted With Dimmer & Defogger

Illuminated Silver Backed Mirror + Built In Defogger + Touch Sensor On/Off Built In Dimmer + Backed By LIFETIME Warranty & 120 Day No Hassle Return Policy

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Classic styling of the Round Sol bathroom mirror makes it ideal for any bathroom, with its frosted-glass LED illumination. The halo effect of the LED wall mirror provides a focal point for bathroom decor and vanity arrangement.

The integrated de-fogging coils behind the round lighted mirror maintain its reflective clarity even in steamy bathrooms. Its fingertip-touch power sensor lets you turn the Sol bathroom mirror on and off with ease.

Radiance for Your Bathroom

  • The large round bathroom mirror is a fixture centerpiece for the contemporary bathroom or en suite.
  • The celestial motif of the Sol lighted round mirror is both classic and contemporary at the same time, ideal for either single or double vanities.
  • The 27-inch diameter of the Sol bathroom and en suite mirror provides a full angle of reflection for dress and hygiene.
  • The LED round mirror fixture has a front reveal that helps conceal the back mounting plate.

Lighting That Is Eco-Friendly and Convenient

  • A slender 2-inch strip of LED light around the Sol bathroom and en suite mirror frames the crisp reflective glass.
  • LED illumination makes the Sol bathroom LED light mirror fixture is energy-efficient and cost-effective, so you can "go green" while also saving money.
  • You can turn the LED mirror on and off at the touch of a fingertip with its integrated power sensor.
  • The circular LED strip of the Sol bathroom lighted mirror illuminates behind frosted glass to give the Sol its halo effect.

Steam-Fighting De-Fogger

  • An integrated defogger with safe gentle heating coils keeps the Sol LED mirror mist-free.
  • The moisture-resistant bathroom lighted mirror lets you step from a hot shower directly to your shaving and cosmetics tasks.
  • The defogging pad for the Sol lighted mirror helps keep the glass free of streaks.

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