LED Lighted 24"x 42" Bathroom Mirror With Dimmer & Defogger

Illuminated Silver Backed Mirror + Built In Defogger + Touch Sensor On/Off Built In Dimmer + Backed By LIFETIME Warranty & 120 Day No Hassle Return Policy

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The Icon bathroom mirror is a classic standard size rectangle wall mirror with clean lines and innovative LED lighting that make it a cutting-edge design choice for any powder room, master bath, or en suite. Hang the LED Illuminated wall mirror horizontally or vertically over your single or twin vanities as a focal point for any bathroom architecture.

The Icon backlit mirror provides the direct, glare-free task lighting you need for dressing, shaving, or cosmetics. The Icon bathroom mirror's innovative defogger coils keep it crystal clear whenever you need it.

The Right Style and Size for Any Vanity

  • The Icon LED bathroom mirror fits bathroom decor that is either sleek and contemporary or luxurious and classic.
  • The bathroom mirror has eye-catching, integrated LED lighting with a framing profile that's a true conversation piece.
  • The 24 x 42 inch rectangle mirror gives you ultimate versatility, since you can hang it vertically or horizontally to fit the styling of any powder room, full bath, or en suite.
  • The Icon LED mirror becomes a seamless part of your bathroom wall.

Innovative "Go-Green" Lighting

  • LED illumination is integrated in the Icon lighted mirror behind frosted-glass strips.
  • The lighted vanity wall mirror provides bright, concentrated illumination for impeccable hygiene and grooming.
  • LED lighting is eco-friendly and long-lasting, so the energy efficiency of the LED mirror will save you money while also being gentle on the environment.

Moisture-Free Reflection

  • The Icon lighted mirror features an innovative de-fogging pad behind the glass to keep it crystal clear even in the steamiest bathrooms.
  • The defogger pad in the bathroom lighted mirror consists of coils that heat the mirror gently and safely.

The Icon mirror with defogger resists streaking, since you don't have to wipe it off after a hot shower.


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